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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start mining on Flexpool?

We have a detailed step-by-step instructions.

What is Efficiency?

Efficiency is the percentage of your valid shares out of all other. You may need to worry about it only when it is lower than 95%.

We have an article about how to increase your efficiency.

What is Hashrate?

Hashrate is an amount of hashes per second your worker(s) produce. Higher hashrate gives you a higher profit.

In your dashboard, you have these hashrates:

Effective - hashrate calculated based on your valid shares.
Average - daily (24h) average effective hashrate.
Reported - hashrate that was reported by your miner.

What is a Share?

Share is a part of the block that is being mined by the pool. You're getting paid exactly for the valid shares.

Valid share - a share that conforms all submission rules.
Stale share - a share that was delivered to the pool after the block was mined.
Invalid share - a share that has an incorrect mining solution.

What are "Effective", "Reported", "Valid", "Stale" and "Invalid" numbers in my workers list?

Effective and Reported - are your current effective and reported hashrates. Valid, Stale, Invalid - are the shares which were submitted for the last 24 hours.

My effective hashrate jumps up and down. Is that OK?

Effective is a hashrate calculated based on the number of submitted valid shares. Luck affects the share findings time, and that's the reason why your effective hashrate is so volatile. You may need to worry about it only if your average hashrate is way lower than reported.

What is Luck?

Mining is a probabilistic process. One day you may be lucky to find more blocks than expected, and one day you may not. On average, the amount of found blocks will be near to expected.

The "Luck" term used in our pool can be described very easily. If luck is higher than 100%, it means that pool found a block in a shorter period than it was expected. If luck equals 100%, it means that pool found a block just in time when it was expected. Luck factor less than 100% means that the pool was unlucky and spent more time on finding a block than it was expected. Luck becomes inverted once Pro Mode is enabled.

What is Pro Mode?

We recommend turning on the Pro Mode if you're not a beginner. It disables some features for newbies like question marks on different metrics and enables another, more advanced ones (Ability to see Current Luck, Unconfirmed blocks, Blocks by an individual miner, and a lot of other minor features).

How can I cash out mined cryptocurrency?

Your funds are be paid automatically once your balance reaches your payout threshold (0.2 ETH by default)

Started mining, but there are no stats in the dashboard.

Please allow up to 10-15 minutes for the pool to collect your statistics. If it takes longer than 20 minutes, please check your hardware, and if you are sure that the problem is on our side, please contact us.

How can I calculate my profitability?

You can use mining calculators like WhatToMine.

How does PPLNS Reward system work?

To prevent "pool-hopping" - the exploitation of the pool reward system, we use a fair reward system called PPLNS. It stands for Pay Per Last N Shares.

When pool mines a block, the reward system automatically checks up the latest N (in our case 2M) shares that were submitted by miners, and distributes reward proportionally according to the the list.

The payout was completed, but I haven't received my coins.

Go to payouts tab in your dashboard, and then try clicking on the TxID of your transaction. If you see your it on the block explorer, it means the payout was processed successfully, and you need to wait for the network to confirm it.

If you clicked on TxID and your transaction didn't show up, please wait a couple minutes, and if it still doesn't appear, please contact us.