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NiceHash Guide

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How to rent hashrate from NiceHash to Flexpool?

NiceHash is the world's largest hashrate marketplace where anyone can rent as much hashrate as needed. This guide is about how you can start renting hashpower on Flexpool using NiceHash.

Step 1. Open your hashrate marketplace dashboard.

Once you've registered on NiceHash and activated the Hashrate Marketplace account, you can head to your rental dashboard and choose the DaggerHashimoto (Ethash) mining algorithm.

After that, you would be able to see this window, where you should click Add new pool ...

Step 2. Type Flexpool's pool settings and your wallet address.

Good, now you need to fill the pool settings. In the Stratum hostname or IP, you should use for European market, or for American. As a port, you should use high-difficulty port 14444 here.

Specify your Ethereum wallet address as the username, and as the password, use x.

Step 3. Test the pool configuration.

Now you can click on Test Pool and check if everything is working.

Step 4. Enjoy the benefits of Flexpool while using NiceHash!

Hooray! You've got the NiceHash working with Flexpool, which means now you can use the best mining pool with the best hashpower marketplace!