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Ranking & Pool Donations

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You have the Freedom

As we all know, stealing other's money is a bad idea. Sadly, all big pools are taking percents from your rewards without even asking you. At Flexpool, we have different thoughts on this.

Our vision is that you have freedom everywhere, including freedom in your mining. Flexpool breaks all the stereotypes, and we're glad to announce the first mining pool ever, that gives you true freedom.

Reinvented concepts

We don't have any fees. We don't aggressively take fairly earned miners' earnings. We love our miners and appreciate their choice to join our family. We allow them to choose donation freely, without any obstacles. If someone decided not to donate to us, probably there are reasons for doing that, and we understand it.

To emphasize the importance of our heroes, and show our love and appreciation, we introduced this ranking system:

Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it <3.
No way! Thank you for your donation, you help us so much!
We're speechless. You're the true hero...

Thanks to all our donators!

We love you so much! Without you, Flexpool would just disappeared. You're making the world better!

Together we're building the world's best mining pool. Join our family and let's gain the highest profits!